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Solutions and support using the Jost Sauer Recovery System

DiMiTri’s Recovery Hub services the Sydney area. We work with your budget and timeframe to help you achieve your recovery goals.

About Us

DiMiTri’s Recovery Hub

DiMiTri’s Recovery Hub was founded by Dimitrios Cacomanolis after his own painful journey of addiction and recovery inspired him to help make the process easier, faster & more effective for others.

Addiction is a time of confusion and emotional and physical pain, Dimitri offers solutions, guidance, coaching, motivation and inspiration to take you successfully through your darkest periods, and into a happy, healthy, addiction-free future.

The Centre offers drug addiction recovery solutions and support using the Jost Sauer Recovery System. This is an accelerated method which fast tracks recovery, reduces withdrawal symptoms, prevents cravings and relapse, and increases motivation. It creates permanent change and quickly rebuilds the body and mind, re-enchants your life, and enables you to reclaim your highs naturally.

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“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”


“Continue the journey that the drugs started”

Jost Sauer

“Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought”

Eckhart Tolle

“That is the ocean of love. Like a wave, you drown in the ocean of bliss and become the ocean”

Swami Muktananda

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

Albert Einstein
About Dimitri

Living proof of the effectiveness of the Jost Sauer Recovery System

Dimitri stopped partying and taking drugs when he was 29 and suffered devastating post-drug depression, crippling anxiety, physical ailments, severe digestive problems and insomnia. Since discovering Jost’s method in 2009, he has successfully rebuilt his body, mind and spirit and experienced natural blissful altered states, far better than those created by drugs.

Having been through the pain of addiction himself, Dimitri is driven by a deep compassion for the suffering caused by post-drug depression. But he has also seen how to come through it to a happier, stronger and addiction-free future, and this has inspired him to take others on an accelerated journey to health, happiness and an extraordinary life.

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DiMiTri's Recovery Hub


  • Guidance through your rehab and recovery journey
  • One on one consultations
  • Skype consultations
  • Step by step sober coaching
  • The Jost Sauer 30 day program
  • Accelerated multidisciplinary options with a specialised hand-picked team including an acupuncturist, herbalist, naturopath, osteopath, and massage therapist.